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Vintage Silk Slip
Just out of the dye bath… a stunning vintage silk slip dress dyed with walnut and indigo. A true one off piece. Go to our shop here

Ink and dyeimg_9540

ColourField’s own hand-made w/inc™ is small hand batch produced in Wales by artist ink-maker Catherine Lewis: she uses ancient alchemical methods and organic locally gathered materials. This artisan W/inc ™ is very special… made with only natural materials and a lot of love.

Natural Dye Kits

Experience the magic of using natural indigo or walnut at home. Each dye kit comes wrapped in a unique cotton shibori cloth, dyed individually in our studio. Each kit will dye 3-8 items or up to 2kg fibres, yarns or fabrics, depending on size and depth of shade. We only use natural ingredients in our kits.

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Clothing and Accessories

We have put together a beautiful, simple, natural collection of clothing, made with care in our workshop, all  made using organic or recycled cloth; all dyed with safe, natural, health giving ingredients, because the clothes you wear are next to your skin.

As each piece is hand dyed, even though we may use the same fabric, the same dye and the same techniques, the end result pattern and colour will always be a little different. This is called aji, or ‘flavour’ in Japanese. That flavour is one of the important differences between something that has been hand crafted and the mass manufactured we are used to.

Our clothing delights emerge from the dye vats seasonally. Colours will vary.

For Your Homeimg_7603

Our sumptuous collection of home goods  is thoughtfully made by hand, printed and dyed with local natural ingredients in ColourField’s workshop. Cushions, throws, blankets, tablewear, lampshades, curtains, artwork for walls: all made using organic UK silk, recycled cotton and linen or recycled pure woollen blanket cloth.